September 6, 2009 at 22:08 (Misc)

So I’ve decided to start a blog again.  I’m not completely sure why, but on at least three separate occasions it seemed like a very good idea and I don’t think I can have been drunk all three times.  Ideally it would be a great way to force myself to write something each day (as inspired by Richard Herring’s Warming Up) but that won’t happen because I have neither the time nor creative ability to write something every day.  Instead it will probably be largely forgotten about and neglected like so many blogs before it (or should it be a him or her?).  One thing that may end up here is any leftovers that can’t fit into a Tweet.  I love Twitter because of  it’s brevity but occasionally it would be nice to have somewhere to write more.  Most of the time when I want to say something it will be usually about TV, film, games, music (although I’m sure it’s a sign of getting old that I no longer really listen to music) or general geekery, because these are the things that occupy most of my time. No doubt from time to time I’ll find other things to ramble about and I suspect this will concern things that are annoying, rather than delighting me, because I’m just a grumpy old man at heart who likes to have a moan.

That’ll do for now, no doubt I’ll be back soon(ish)…


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