Party like it’s 1999

December 22, 2009 at 10:44 (Film)

This is the one time of year where I thought I actually might blog quite and produce several 2009 lists.  Unfortunately I seem to have been really busy at work, updating the Keswick Film Club and Festival websites, being unusually social, not to mention problems with laptops, ice and snow.  I did start thinking about my films of 2009 (and you can probably work them out for yourselves by looking at my Film Diary – which is what I”ll be doing) and I was somewhat disappointed.  Then I listened to Filmspotting’s (podcast here) look back at 1999 and remembered what a great year 1999 was and that made me seriously wonder if there were more great films in 1999 than the decade that followed.  Probably not but just look at all these films that were all released in 1999:

I will get round to making some lists but probably not until the New Year as I’m heading back up to Cumbria for Christmas and even without all the flood damage I don’t have internet access up there.

Merry Christmas.


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