Y34 – A Photo Project

August 23, 2010 at 21:48 (Daily Achievements)

Earlier in the year I decided that I should be trying to do more with my life and set about trying to achieve something, however small, every day. It wasn’t a New Year Resolution but like so many resolutions the intention was good and it lasted a while before fading away probably somewhere in May.

One thing I was going to try and do is take more photos, at the time I wondered if I should set myself some targets such as trying to take one good photo each week but I didn’t. I took some photos but soon forget.  A few months ago I started thinking about photos again and decided that it would actually be quite cool to take a photo of something every day. The idea stuck with me and when my birthday was approaching it seemed like a good opportunity. I decided that for the next year, my 34th year, I would take a photo every day  and even more surprising I seem to be doing it.

I haven’t set myself any rules, it’s just one photo every day for a year. I’m hoping that most of the photos will literally be a snapshot of that day and somehow represent that day in my life. This may not always be the case and I may just end up photographing something seemingly random. I still seem to be scared of taking photos of people (which I’m sure comes from being camera shy myself) so I suspect humans will largely be absent but hopefully not.

The whole project will probably be fairly dull and therefore true representation of my life but I’m optimistically hoping that something interesting will happen and there’ll be photos to accompany it.

Y34 – A Photo Project on Flickr


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