What Time Is It?

March 10, 2011 at 21:16 (Misc) ()

On Monday I got up to watch the Oscars in the early hours of the morning before returning to bed for a few more hours of sleep and a later start at work. At the weekend I attended a virtual conference on telecommuting, this was in a different time zone and many of the speakers were talking about managing time and how working hours often need to be flexible. At the same time as the conference, David Walliams was taking part in 24 Hour Panel People for Comic Relief, which was streamed online and fascinating (for a TV and comedy geek like me) to watch. My brother was also passing through, returning from a skiing holiday in one timezone before travelling back to Hong Kong to work in yet another timezone.

It seemed strange that all these things happened in one week and it got me thinking about time and work. Unfortunately I was far too tired to come to any sensible conclusions but I do hope flexible working becomes the norm, rather than being seen as a benefit.


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