Comic Relief

March 18, 2011 at 23:36 (Misc) ()

I’m a huge admirer of Comic Relief and think Red Nose Day is wonderful thing. I have two memories which I think have formed a strong personal link to the charity and I’m sure are part of the reason why I’ll always do my best to support Comic Relief (on top of all the amazingly good work they do in return for such fantastic entertainment).

I remember the first Red Nose Day, there was a shortage of noses (I think they ended up selling stickers in their place) but it didn’t bother me, in my young mind I didn’t need to buy a nose because I already had one from my trip to the circus. It must have been explained to me that I shouldn’t use my own nose and I think that’s part of the reason why I’ve continued to try my best to support Comic Relief over the years.

Quite a few years later on one Red Nose Day my school decided to have a non-uniform day,  the only problem was the school was using this to raise money for itself and not giving any of it to Comic Relief. This seemed outrageous and a small group of us refused to take part, we wore our uniforms and managed to raise some money for Comic Relief.

3 things I would like to make clear:

  • The Red Nose Day TV show is always really good entertainment
  • Red Nose Day is only every other year (although they now do Sport Relief shows in the alternate years)
  • It is NOT Children In Need

Anyway the important thing is you can donate here, please do, you almost certainly can afford to give something.


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