Is That It?

April 23, 2011 at 08:49 (Games) ()

Portal 2 came out this week, it sounds great and I want to play it but, like nearly all games I’ll be waiting for a price drop.  £50 is a lot for a RRP, (even if nobody is selling it at that price) but I’m annoyed because people are complaining about how few hours play they’ll get for their money. What happened about quality? How about worrying about the quality of game you’re getting for your money.

Nearly all games are too long. I can’t remember ever finishing a game and thinking “is that it?”.  The original Portal was great because it maintained such a high quality throughout, at the end I was still pleased that I’d enjoyed playing it so much to worry how much it had cost. I loved Red Dead Redemption but I would have loved it even more if it had half the missions and didn’t take up so much of my time. Epic Mickey is highly flawed but I’m liking lots of things about it, I’m halfway through but in terms of gameplay I think I’ve seen it all, I want to carry on to see the art design and complete the story but it already feels like a chore.

If games were shorter I’d be able to play more of them. It may cost more (but if you’re short of money most games are available for less than £20 very quickly) but at this point in my life it’s a shortage of time that is the problem.


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