Epic Mickey

May 7, 2011 at 14:20 (Games, Wii) ()

I stuck with Epic Mickey until the end and all the time a voice in my head kept repeating  “You do know Portal 2 is out now?”. It’s such a shame Epic Mickey doesn’t quite work becuase it has such good potential to be a great game:

  • Great use of a licence
  • Wonderful engaging and emotional story
  • It looks fantastic, especially the 2D sections – I’d have been happy if the whole game had been a 2D platformer


  • It’s too long, or more importantly, too repetitive.
  • There’s a lack of structure so you’re never quite sure what you should be doing next
  • It isn’t clear when you will or will not be able to revisit an area
  • Unlocking content was a huge incentive to keep going but
    • There are only two cartoons available – where else can you see early Disney shorts?
    • The artwork would not display for me (presumably a bug)
  • The paint/thinner good/evil decisions never really made sense or have any significant impact
  • All your painting is undone when you leave an area, it should have been like de Blob and reward you for painting everything
  • The special items are lazily introduced, never really explained and then hardly used
  • The biggest complaint in reviews seemed to be the awkward camera and controls but these rarely bothered me.
As I said the other week, if the game had been half as long I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more but at 15 hours most of the gameplay did just seem too much like hard work.

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