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May 22, 2011 at 21:29 (TV) ()

This is the second week in a row that I’ve struggled to think of anything to write about.  It’s already Sunday evening but fortunately the television BAFTAs are just starting so I thought I’d try and do some of this “live” blogging.

Drama Series

Great presenting work from Rob & Steve.

Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Being Human, Misfits are the nominees.

All really fantastic but for me it has to be Sherlock, greatest thing to happen to television in a very long time.

And Sherlock it is. Well done Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffart, two of the most talented people working in television today.

Entertainment Performance

Stephen Fry (QI), Graham Norton (Show), Rob Brydon (Show), Harry Hill (TV Burp)

I thought Rob Brydon was better than his chat show and am I alone in thinking TV Burp has jumped the shark?

And the BAFTA goes to Graham Norton. I’ve given up watching his show regularly but whenever I do I remember why I used to like them so much. He deserves the award for this show rather than all the other presenting he does.

Documentary Something Or Other 

Pompeii, Human Planet, Alan Benet And The Habit Of Art, Flying Monsters

I’ve only seen some of Human Planet, to be honest I’ve gotten a bit tired of these BBC documentaries they all are really well made but beginning to blend into one. What is this Flying Monsters? It’s David Attenborough so it must be the BBC, right? Oh it’s won and  it’s Sky so at least that explains why it is in 3D, didn’t think the BBC had broadcast anything in 3D yet. It’s probably good if Attenborough is attached or could he not afford to refuse the huge amounts of cash Sky offered him.

Supporting Actress

Jessie Wallace, (Road To Coronation Street),  Lauren Socha (Misfits), Gillian Anderson (Any Human Heart), Lynda Baron (Road To Coronation Street)

The problem with Lauren  is that’s how she really is so I don’t know how much acting is involved. I wouldn’t have recognised Gillian Anderson in Any Human Heart  and I really wish I hadn’t ignored that Coronation Street drama.

Well done to Lauren Socha, she’s great in Samantha Morton’s fim which name escapes me now, is it Unknown (no it’s The Unloved) ? Hang on, is this really a supporting role? Isn’t she the lead female in Misfits?

Continuing Drama

Casualty, Eastenders, Waterloo Road, Coronation Street

I don’t watch any of these, although I thought it was strange when I did catch Eastenders recently and all the babies from when I last watched it are all grown up.

Eastenders wins, that’s probably right, it is rather good after all.

Supporting Actor

Misfits Guy, Guy my Mum and Dad thought was Nick Berry from Heartbeat in Downton Abbey, and I thought he was Eddie Marsden in This Is England, Martin Freeman in Sherlock

(Robert Sheehan – Misfits, Brendan Coyle – Downton Abbey, Johhny Harris – This Is England 86, Martin Freeman – Sherlock)

Ok, so I don’t get the supporting actor nominations for Misfits, it’s an ensemble piece there is no lead or supporting roles. Martin Freeman I’m guessing and I’m guessing correctly and he still gets to be Bilbo Baggins so it’s all worked out quite well. They were are really good performances though, probably why they were nominated.

So that’s Sherlock up to 2 awards, I really should buy it on DVD now in case it goes up from £6. HMV wonder why they are in trouble; they’re charging £17.99 for the Sherlock DVD it’s around £7 everywhere else.

Current Affairs

Lost Girls Of Africa, Secret Iraq, Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children, Kids In Care

I haven’t seen any of these so can’t possibly comment but a lot of them seem to be about children. Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children wins. Strange stage arrival there, not quite sure what was going on.

“BBC 4 is awesome”, well said sir.

Situation Comedy

Is Miranda still up for this. The Trip should probably win. Or Grandma’s House, or Friday Night Dinner. I don’t know who they nominees are, let’s find out:

  • Rev forgot about Rev, that was really good and pleased to be coming back for 2nd series.
  • Peep Show also really good but nice for something else to win.
  • Mrs Browns Boys, no no NO. The WORST thing I have seen on TV.
  • The Trip

Rev wins, surprised it wasn’t The Trip and it looks like Coogan might have been as well, but I’m happily surprised.

Single Drama

I think there were lots of good ones this year but  I can’t remember any of the top of my head.

  • The Road To Coronation Street: missed this hope it is repeated again sometime
  • I Am Slave: no idea what this is.
  • Eric and Ernie: Really enjoyable and great performances from all involved.
  • The Special Relationship: I saw this but really don’t remember it at all. How long ago was it?

I was too busy getting chocolate to say that I’d  I’d like Eric and Ernie to win but considering all the acting nominees I think The Road To Coronation Street will win. And by the time I got chocolate it had won, so now can we have that repeat please.


Nice to see Frank Sidebottom in there, strange to illustrate John Sullivan’s excellent writing with that bar scene.

I know I shouldn’t jump on Elizabeth Sladen obituary but David Tennent does now look really wrong as the Doctor.

Factual Series

  • Welcome To Lagos: Interesting series, very informative but I’d forgotten about it.
  • The Young Ones: Sounded interesting
  • One Born Every Minute and Coppers: Never seen either of these and not really interested.

It should be Welcome To Lagos because the others were really Factual Entertainment. It is. I should have made some predictions in advance, think I’m doing quite well.

Bafta Special Award

I do like BAFTA giving awards to the off screen talent and screen and Peter Bennet Jones is more than deserving recipient, wait to you see his clips.

Do these Reeves & Mortimor clips means there’s a new series on the way?

The quality of this broadcast is terrible. I’ve had picture and now sound problems all night long.

Male Comedy Performance

Tom Hollander (Rev), James Buckley (Inbetweeners), David Mitchell (Peep Show), Steve Coogan (The Trip)

All worthy but it has to be Steve Coogan right?


Drama Serial

  • Mad Dogs: Sky so didn’t see, was supposed to be quite good though wasn’t it?
  • The Promise: I really liked this
  • Any Human Heart: A lot of this didn’t work, it probably could’ve done with being en episode shorter, really good final part though.
  • The Sinking Of The Laconia: Did watch this but don’t really have a lot to say about it.

Personally I preferred The Promise to the winner Any Human Heart but I suppose it was quite good and did slowly build to a great ending.

Female Comedy Performance

Hmm, so who’s up for this?

  • Jo Brand (Getting On):
  • Dawn French (Roger and Val Have Just Got In)
  • Katherine Parkinson (IT Crowd)
  • Miranda Hart (Miranda)

Getting On and Roget And Val were both fantastic and hardly seen by anyone so one them should win. But I suppose Miranda will win, which I don’t really mind. Well done to Jo Brand, think that was quite a surprise for everyone but again very well deserved.

Entertainment Programme

The Cube, Graham Norton, The X Factor and Have I Got News For You

I really want The Cube to win now. I only watched the first series but I got hugely addicted to it and it’s great entertainment. Believe it or not The Cube is the winner, didn’t really think that would happen but it is much better winner than any of the old timers in the category.


Sorry, no real interest in this at all.

YouTube Audience Award

Oh great an award voted for by the public, I hate these things, the public are idiots.

  • Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
  • Downton Abbey
  • The Killing
  • Sherlock
  • Miranda
  • The Only Way Is Essex

Strange mix there but mostly good. I suspect BFGW or TOWIE will win rather than any of the good nominees, and so The Only Way Is Essex is now a BAFTA winner.

Leading Actor

  • Jim Broadbent (Any Human Heart)
  • Matt Smith (Doctor Who)
  • Benedict Cumberbach (Sherlock)
  • Daniel Rigby (Eric and Ernie)

Fantastic selection, one of the Moffat boys surely? Daniel Rigby, another well deserved but surprising win. Makes more sense to award one of performances than those in a series but I would have really liked Matt Smith to win.

Leading Actress

  • Julliet Stevenson (Accussed)
  • Vicky McClure (This Is England 86)
  • Natalie Press (Five Daughters)
  • Anna Maxwell Martin (South Riding)

All great but Stevenson of McClure really stood out.

And the BAFTA goes to Vicky McClure.


Okay, so I have nothing to add here.

Nice speech.

Oh and that’s it, I was expecting something else there.


Comedy Programme to Harry and Paul – why wasn’t this in the main show, very strange commission.

New Media, I understand why this wasn’t in the main programme, shame though as BAFTAs support of New Media and Games could do with a prime time boost. Some Wallace and Gromit thing won.

Single Documentary: Between Life and Death, no I have no idea either.

International: The Killing probably quite predictable but what were the other nominees? I haven’t seen The Killing only found out about it towards the end. Really hoping BBC 4 will repeat it before C4 show the American version.

News Coverage: I still think it’s strange giving an award to news coverage of a killing spree and not just because it was a local story for me. ITV won for their coverage of the Cumbrian Killings

Features: I don’t understand what this category is and Hugh’s Fish Fight winning makes it no clearer.

And so that appears to be it and it was quite enjoyable writing this as it was all happening. I’m going to tidy up a few things but it’s more or less published the same as I typed it. I’ll maybe write some form of summary for my post next week.


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