In Defence Of The RT

June 12, 2011 at 11:14 (Misc) ()

I like the “new” Twitter RTs, there I’ve said it. I know I’m in a minority, it still needs some work and there’s room for retweet and quotes (as most apps, seem to call it and Twitter choose to ignore). The official retweet allows the full tweet to be repeated without needing to add in an extra username and prevents the original from being manipulated. Mundo Jazz like having fun with Twitter and if people don’t know them their twitter activity might eventually get them banned. However funny this series of fake retweets were on Friday it does show the major flaw in the traditional retweet.

Mundo Jazz Retweet Fun on Storify
(Hmm, can I not embed this?)

The other advantage is not seeing the same tweet repeated multiple times when everyone you follow retweets it. Of course it might be nice to be able to see popular tweets from within your network and I’m surprised not to have seen this easily on display in any apps or even the Twitter home page.  Seeing when your tweets have been retweeted might also be useful but you can do this from the retweet menu (“Your tweets, retweeted”) and now receive an email notification for retweets.


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