Portal 2

June 19, 2011 at 14:28 (360, Misc) ()

When I started playing Portal 2 I tweeted:

Portal 2 has more lol moments in the first 15 minutes than most Hollywood comedies http://bit.ly/lA8Ipl@GetGlue#Portal2

I stand by that statement and the excellent humour and performance by Stephen Merchant as Wheatley continues into the game during the early stages. A good sign of a great character is one you really miss when they are not on screen, unfortunately this also makes it obvious where Portal 2 get’s it wrong. When Wheatley is missing the game really seems to drag on and rather than step up the gameplay so you don’t notice, this also seems to be the weakest part in terms of game design. Running from one big open space to another, desperately scanning for a tiny patch of “portal-able” wall to progress just isn’t fun and I really struggled to be motivated to carry on. Great inventive puzzles were desperately needed here instead of just finding all the pieces to join together in the correct order.  I think Portal 2 is a good game but I ended up thinking that, like most games, if it was about a third shorter it would have been a great game and maybe could have been released last year.



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