Glastonbury 2011: Before I Forget

June 28, 2011 at 21:41 (Festivals, Music) ()

Somebody else just asked me who I saw and already I’m struggling to remember. It isn’t that the performances were forgettable, it’s more that it’s such a different experience it doesn’t feel real.


  • Set off at 00:30
  • Arrived at 06:00 with hardly any traffic queues
  • Huge queues for all the gates which didn’t open until 08:00
  • 08:00 gates opened and it started to rain
  • Waited in the car for the queues and rain to disappear, eventually the rain did so we made a move
  • Hours later we were in and tent was up and all concepts of time vanished
  • Despicable¬†Me 3D
  • “SE Corner”
  • Metronomy
  • Summer Camp
  • Emmy The Great
  • Guillemots
  • B.B King
  • Radiohead
  • (last 2 songs by) Mumford and Sons
  • U2
  • (end of) Abandoman
  • Feed The Fishes
  • Phil Kay
  • Stornoway
  • Graham Coxon
  • Robin Ince
  • Elbow
  • Coldplay
Perhaps should have tried to do more on Saturday, I think I missed more I wanted to see than what I ended up seeing including Infinite Monkeys, Ellen and the Escapades, Pulp (special guests which I even predicted), Noah and The Whale, Mundo Jazz, Chemical Brothers, DJ Yoda.
  • Esben and the Witch
  • Don McLean
  • Attila The Stockbroker
  • Paul Simon
  • Eels
  • Gruff Rhys
I say it every year but the BBC’s coverage is worth the licence fee so do make the most of it because sadly a lot of the online content will only be there for 7 days.

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