August 18, 2011 at 07:46 (TV) ()

I was quite pleased when Big Brother finally came to an end last year, not because I despised the programme though, far from it. I’ve always liked Big Brother, I’m a people watcher, I’m fascinated by the psychology and so I loved Big Brother when it started as a social experiment. Even as it deteriorated in to a huge “look at me I want to be famous” contest there always seems to be interesting behavior to observe. I know I’m almost alone in thinking that  4th year was the last time it was good and the shark was jumped in Big Brother 5 but since then that’s when I’ve questioned if I should be watching it or not. I think it was in the 5th year that the nightly shows went to an hour and the housemates sentence grew to fill the entirety of the summer months, suddenly keeping up was quite hard work. I don’t have time to watch 7-8 hours a week of attention seekers being annoying but I still didn’t stop. So when it came to an end I was pleased, happy for the decade of entertainment hundreds of housemates had provided but relieved to free up my summers.

Early in July this year I suddenly realised nobody seemed to be missing Big Brother, I hadn’t seen any articles on how to fill the summer void and figured that people had just forgotten. It was around the same time rumours started appearing about the celebrities entering the Big Brother house on it’s new home on Channel 5. Big Brother is back, summer is saved! Every year I say I probably shouldn’t start watching, don’t start and you won’t get sucked in and do something else with your summer. This year that seems even more obvious, it’s not really Big Brother, Davina isn’t there, it’s Channel 5, trying to make it bigger, sexier and raunchier already sounds terrible. I really shouldn’t. Then I heard Brian Dowling was presenting and thought that made sense. Then the advert with lots and lots of housemates (many I didn’t even recognise) and that invoked a sense of nostalgic duty. So here I am thinking I really should just have a peek, see what they do with the format, see who the housemates are, see if an entertaining Twitter following develops. I’ll just watch the first few episodes, see what’s it’s like, I’m not going to watch it everyday for the next umpteen weeks, definitely not…



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