Down With Control

September 10, 2011 at 12:01 (Games, Wii) ()

When I saw EA Sport Active 2 was only £8 in Asda, I thought it would be something active to do on my non-running days. It looked like an interesting package including a heart monitor, another sensor for a leg, options to use the balance board. I have to admit it probably is only the gadgets that make me do any exercise.

A few weeks in and I still don’t know how effective or good the ‘game’ is. One thing that I am certain of is that it is in no where near to any of Nintendo’s own sports titles. For starters it rarely appears to be fun, which perhaps isn’t the aim, but at least Wii Fit had a personality. The trainers are very annoying spouting the kind of crap which makes me avoid the real life equivalent. How can you “relax in to the stretch”, or not “breathe normally” and of course you are encouraged to give it a 110% effort. In fact, due to the excessive loading times (water breaks!) and frequent inaccuracies of the sensors all the workouts take considerable longer than the exercise time. 45 minutes for a 25 minute workout isn’t really acceptable.

Maybe the sensors are accurate and I’m doing things incorrectly but your on screen avatar is often completely out of sync with what you are doing. I was already worrying if I could be doing any damage by not doing things correctly which was only confirmed by the trainer saying “This exercise is great for your glutes, if you’re doing it correctly”. And what if I’m not doing it correctly, how would I know?  The game seems to be obsessed with working your glutes, I had no idea what these were? Should I? Even stranger when they mention hamstrings they explain what those are.

I’ll stick with it, it’s making me sweat so it must be doing something right.

Oh and “down with control” is one of the phrases often repeated by the trainer which just makes me thing of rising up against the trainers and starting a no-exercise revolution.


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