Leeds International Film Festival

November 6, 2011 at 09:25 (Festivals, Film) (, )

Leeds International Film Festival started on Thursday and for the first time, this year I have a pass. I already seem to have spent ages staring at the programme and still haven’t made my mind up about what to see, there’s far too much to choose from.

Like many, my festival started with the opening gala of Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights. I have been looking forward to this since it was announced, I’ve always liked the story, the casting seemed inspired and I like Arnold’s previous work. As is often the case my high expectations weren’t met, the film looked great but it didn’t grab me like I hoped it would. I wasn’t really in the mood for the film and think I would like it a lot more on a second viewing.

Friday was a music double bill, starting with Inni. I love Sigur Ros and the music was great but the film didn’t seem to be doing anything that special but then all of a sudden got quite good but then sadly ended. The Beat Is The Law – Fanfare For The Common People was the type of inspirational music documentary I really like and will hopefully make it to BBC4 one Friday night soon.

I started Saturday with Invasion of The Body Snatchers which I couldn’t remember if I had seen before. It’s a great film but my “lose a third” rule definitely applies, I was completely gripped but it should have finished before the final third, it just get’s boring and silly after the reveal of the pods.

I enjoyed the first session of Animated Short Films, a fantastic selection of short films although I thought the word “animated” was used some what liberally. Rating the films for the Festival audience scores reminded me of the joy and hard work of trying to rate the entries for Keswick’s Osprey Short Film Awards.

Another classic film followed and there isn’t a lot more to say about Psycho. Curiously watching it again made me want to see Gus Van Sant’s version because I can’t help but wonder how it can be so bad.

Finally a trip across town to Hyde Park Picture House for the 22nd May. By this time I couldn’t remember what the film was about which is probably the best way to see any film.  I really liked this film a lot, it’s the kind of film I wish that I’d made not that I’ve ever come close to making a film.

There’s still another 2 weeks of the festival to get through, I still don’t know what to see today, there’s so many clashes today but I’m sure I’ll find something to see.





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