Classic Cinema

November 13, 2011 at 13:18 (Film) ()

I’m really enjoying my time at Leeds International Film Festival, although it is quite tiring and I’m losing track of what I’ve seen. Unsurprisingly people keep asking me what my highlights have been but I think I’ll need some time to gather my thoughts before I could recommend anything. One thing I have noticed is how great it’s been seeing classic films on the cinema screen. I’ve already seen Psycho, Alien, Invasion Of  The Body Snatchers and still have Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Aliens to come. It got me thinking that it’s such a shame there isn’t more opportunity to see older films the way they were intended to be seen. It can’t be helped by the ridiculous number of new films out each week, who goes and sees all this crap that is churned out of Hollywood? If fewer films were released would there be more room for older films in the multiplexes or are other people just not interested? I saw the recent re-release of Jurassic Park and there was hardly anyone there but it was a Monday evening (often the quietest cinema night). As much as I wanted to I didn’t go and see Ghostbusters or Back To The Future when they were released again.  Perhaps it’s too expensive to see older films at today’s expensive ticket price when it is easy to get hold of the films to watch at home. Was the recent success of The Lion King 3D because people wanted to see it in 3D or just see it in the cinema?  DVDs appear to be repackaged and resold every 5 years to celebrate an arbitrary anniversary, should we not be pushing for cinema re-releases as well.

It’s just such a shame that so many people will never get to see so many great films in the cinema.




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