So This Is Christmas

December 23, 2011 at 11:29 (Misc) ()

Yesterday I finished the last bits of work for others, wrapped presents and drove back to my parents for the holidays and so it feels like it is finally Christmas. I usually finish for Christmas earlier than this but with the big day falling on a Sunday and so many other things to do the last few weeks have been quite hectic.

Most of the films for the 13th Keswick Film Festival are now on the website and if you know where to look you can find the full programme. I finished reading the books I got last Christmas but yet to start many of the ones I bought this year. I’ve just read about Andrew Collins 2011 resolution of not buying any new books until he’d read all the ones he’d already bought. I should do this, definitely for books and probably for films and maybe games. I was hoping to finish Skyward Sword before Christmas but it’s huge. It would be nice to play it over Christmas but family and things will probably prevent me being able to give the game my full attention (which I really think it deserves). More likely I’ll be trying to reproduce my progress lost with the Arkham City bug which wiped my saved games. 

I have a PVR full of things, mostly films that I’ve deemed not good enough to see before now but lot’s of full TV series: Pan Am, Misfits, Frozen Planet, Top Boy American Killing, Life’s Too Short, The Slap. 

I keep thinking I’ll find time to watch them and do so much more over then next week or so but I already fear that the festive period will fly by so quickly. Next week I do hope to do some Best Of 2011 posts but I’d quite like to find the time to read some other people’s first.

I’m glad I started this postaweek challenge even though I started late and I’ve found it quite a chore as you will no doubt see from nearly every post happening on a Sunday. I hope to continue it beyond the 52 weeks but I’m also hoping for lots of great things in 2012.

Merry Christmas 



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