3D Or Not 3D?

January 15, 2012 at 15:16 (Film, Games)

Surprisingly I don’t really have that strong opinion about 3D. I do resent having to pay more to see something in 3D and absolutely think there is no point in retrofitting films in to 3D, surely this is just as bad as colourising black and white films. In the right hands 3D can be very effective, just look at Pina or Hugo (although I still fail to understand why some 3D was added to the Méliès films shown within the film) and I imagine Cave Of The Forgotten Dreams works well. Pixar seem to make 3D work with their new films but perhaps it is more suited to bright CG.

In the end 3D is just a technique and in the right hands it can be made to work well. In the wrong hands it can be distracting and pointless. I half saw Monsters vs Aliens on TV over Christmas, early on somebody is playing with, what I have just found out is called, a paddle ball; the ball bounces straight towards the camera and back again, to and fro multiple times, it looks horrible and is completely pointless and that’s my really issue with 3D. If you take the 3D away the scene still needs to work and when you’re just pointing things at the camera it does not work. Anybody making a film in 3D should be forced to watch it in 2D and remove all of this pointless pointing.

I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at the Imax and suddenly understood why people were saying Imax is the way forward and not 3D. The Imax scenes were just as immersive as any live action 3D I’ve seen and without the need for glasses and the darkness that follows. My biggest problem with Harry Potter and Tron in 3D was that most of the film took place in the dark and the glasses just made it even harder to make out what was happening. I don’t really understand how Imax can feel 3D when it’s not so maybe it is really just down to the cinematography and a bloody huge screen.

And finally to the world of gaming and the reason I was prompted to write this post. The Edge review of Rayman Origins ends by saying “playing Origins feels like stepping into an alternate reality in which the 16bit era evolved by increasing in fidelity, not dimensions.”, how I wish I lived in that reality, if only so we could get another great Sonic game.


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