Post A Week 2012

January 29, 2012 at 17:45 (TV)

As we entered 2012 it didn’t seem right to continue using the postaweek2011 tag on my posts even though I’m still working towards my goal of posting every week for a year. I was late starting so I still have another month of posts to go and hope that I will continue after that. The original plan was to hope that something would come up each week that I could write about but it seems to have turned out I’m usually scratching my head on a Sunday trying to think of something to write. That’s certainly the case this week. As with every Sunday I though that this coming week I’d write during the week and not leave it to the last minute. I thought I would write about the Oscar nominations on Tuesday but they were actually fairly uninteresting and then I was busy with something else (going to see Carnage, great film, if that came out last year in the US it really should have got some acting nominations).

It’s quite scary that January is almost over, I’ve spent most of it trying to catch up with things from 2011. I still have hours of television to watch but have caught up with a lot of thing now. The Slap is excellent (still a few more episodes to go), it made me want to read the book although I did question if there was any point now I have seen the television version. Mongrels was some of the smartest and funniest writing on any show and it’s such a shame it’s been cancelled. I wondered how many people, like me, had not yet got round to watching it before it was decided to be a ratings failure. In this digital age, should we not have an accurate way of knowing how many people have watched or recorded something to watch later.

Misfits doesn’t seem as good now which is a shame. Life Too Short wasn’t as bad as everybody was making out, it’s just a shame they couldn’t create a new character for Warwick Davies to play instead of him basically being television’s “Ricky Gervais”. I still haven’t started Pan Am and keep wondering if there really is any point in watching The Killing (the US version, obviously).


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