13th Keswick Film Festival

February 22, 2012 at 18:57 (Misc)

Tomorrow sees the start of the 13th Keswick Film Festival and a busy four days of film related fun. I’ve always enjoyed the festival for a number of reasons, not only is it a really great weekend but it’s usually the only chance I really get to enjoy all of the work I promote by maintaining the website for the festival and Film Club.

Once again I’ll be donning a staff T-shirt to help out but because of an influx of volunteers this year I haven’t been added to the rota of specific duties. This has the disadvantage of meaning I still haven’t decided exactly what I want to see.

Thursday evening is easy because there isn’t any choice. I’ll be at the Opening Party wondering which of the special guests will be there, followed by the first film In Love With Alma Cogan. On Friday choices have to be made. I’m still deciding between David and Kamal and Pardon, that’s if I can make it through to Keswick for 1pm. Another choice to be made next, this time between Vacation and No Pain, No Gain. I was disappointed to have missed Gnnar at Leeds Film Festival and have heard so many good things about it, so I’ll be seeing that at 6pm. The final choice is between Yellow Sea and Welcome To The Sticks, the latter sounds like a good fit for Keswick but Yellow Sea may be more my kind of film.

It doesn’t get any easier on Saturday. Do I make the early start for the The Kids Britain Doesn’t Want which is showing in partnership with Keswick Peace and Human Rights Group. I’d quite like to see Ways To Live Forever but it’s the free family screening so may be busy and I don’t know if it will finish in time to catch the short film Sailcloth which is showing at the 1pm screening of Lou. I’d like to stay and see Lou but I’ve got to go to the Osprey Short Film Awards. I’m really looking forward to the awards again this year, there’s a great selection of films on show and any of them could be worthy of the prizes. In fact the only bad thing about the Ospreys is sometime between now and then we’ve got to finalise exactly which films are going to be the winners. We’ve also decided to introduce an audience award this year and it will be good to see if the audience agree with the judges.

The screenings at Rheged all sound good but I’ll be staying in Keswick. Later on Saturday afternoon, I think I’ll see The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom because 50/50 will be much easier to see elsewhere. With all the excitement of John Hurt being at the festival I nearly forgot the fantastic Lancaster Millennium Choir are returning with another show at 7pm in the Theatre. I’ll stay in the Theatre to see John Hurt in The Naked Civil Servant because I don’t think I have ever seen it and I have already seen Tyrannosaur and as great as Tyrannosaur is,  it’s maybe not the type of film you want to see more than once. I’m hoping that I can sneak out before An Englishman In New York starts and dash up to the Alhambra to catch Bird On A Wire.

By Sunday I think I will already be exhausted and for some foolish reason I’ll be contemplating staying up through the night to watch the Oscars. So I’ll probably be skipping the early screening and 10 hour epic and just need to decide between Little Moth and Mia Sara. At 3pm I’ll be going to the John Hurt event although A Separation was one of the films I still really wanted to see but I will be able to catch up with it somewhere else. I have already seen Melancholia but for some reason do feel like seeing it again but I’m more likely to see Tales From The Shipyard. Or perhaps I should use the time to find something to eat (or sleep). Once again both of the closing films, Babycall and Carancho sound good so another tough decision to finish off the festival.

Should be fun though!


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