Stars In Their Eyes

March 15, 2012 at 21:40 (Film)

Mark Kermode recently asked if other people sometimes needed time to decide if they like a film or not. After a film has finished I usually know what I thought of it but sometimes I feel like I need more time to decide. I was slightly worried that the times when I can’t make my mind up were when I thought I should like the film more than I did (or perhaps the other way round). When The Deep Blue Sea came out I recorded quite a few Terrence Davies films from film4. I’ve recently watch The House Of Mirth and The Long Day Closes, I wanted to like them more than I did and thought I needed more time for me to realise how good they may be. Was I just willing to admit that I just didn’t like the films that much (both had really great moments but didn’t work as a whole).

After Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights I really didn’t know what to think. It was disappointing in so many ways but I liked lots of things about it and it took me a while to fall on the side of liking it. After years of maintaining my film diary I usually find it easy to assign a star rating and now seems like a good time to explain it. I save my 5s for something I think is really outstandingly special. 4 star films are ones I like quite a lot and usually think I want to see again, own or recommend (although I don’t always recommend everything I like to everybody). 3 stars is average, an enjoyable or interesting experience where I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time watching it but probably wouldn’t want to watch it again. There are problems with a 2 star film which usually means I probably regret watching it. 1 star films are also quite rare and really difficult to say anything nice about. Of course I like to throw in the occasional half star just to keep everyone on their toes.


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