Nearly There

March 25, 2012 at 19:31 (Misc, Tech)

It can be difficult starting things but it’s also quite hard to completely finish something. I’ve noticed this myself quite a few times recently in a variety of different ways. The bulk of the work gets done but there are always one or two little things that seem really difficult to tie down and complete. Other things are deemed not that important and get pushed back and often forgotten about. The strange thing is that’s it’s often these extra that provide the final polish and make the difference between good and great.

It is really great to see BBC iPlayer finally arrive on the Xbox, I’ve not used it much but it seems like one of the best implementations of the service. There are of course small problems which I can’t help but notice and wonder if these fall in to that category of not really required but would make such a big difference. Firstly a problem across all of the Metro UI is the lack of full support for the Xbox Controller. It annoys me greatly having to move up and down between different carousels when every user has access to a controller with two analogue sticks and shoulder buttons, the navigation should be so much smoother. The other “lack of polish” is not having a unified account for iPlayer across all devices and the lack of playlists of any kinds. Where ever you come across a programme you should be able to add it to a playlist so you can watch it on any device later. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve said “oh I must catch up with that on iPlayer later” and then never have.

Draw Something is another fantastic piece of software although the most surprising thing about it is that it hasn’t been done earlier. The game is (probably purposely) simplistic, incredibly successful and enjoyable to play but it would be so much better with some form of chat or commenting after each round. No doubt this will come in future versions, possibly a premium version and perhaps that is the best way of developing software these days; get the basic mechanics working, released and popular and then add the final polish later.


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