Happy Endings

April 1, 2012 at 16:34 (Games)

It’s perhaps unfair of me to write about the uproar of complaints about the ending of Mass Effect 3 because until last night I hadn’t played any of the games. Last night I tried the demo for ME3, I ended up switching it off after an hour because it was doing anything for me and I was bored. Apparently people, and lots of them, are complaining about the ending of the trilogy saying that it wasn’t good enough and demand a new ending. My response; Tough Luck. Nearly every film is about a third too long and would be better if it finished earlier before an obvious ending. Some of the complaints stem from marketing material (and previous games) stating that your choices throughout the game determine the ending, and from what I’ve read they do but those ending don’t differ that much. Now it’s just a thought but perhaps that’s the point, maybe the creators of the game ultimately wanted your actions to be meaningless in the story they were telling. Morality systems in games rarely work when they affect the story, there are too many combinations and permutations to allow the story to flow and however much the freedom of choice is offered you’re still lead down the same path for the story. Personally morality choices work for me because to really see them work you have to play the game more than once and who really has time to do that.

I don’t mind people complaining that they didn’t like the ending, they have that right but so do the creators to end their series how they want. Starting a petition to demand a new ending is setting a horrible precedent and endangering the already difficult creative process of telling stories in games. I’m surprised Bioware are seriously considering making changes, unless that there was plan all along.


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