Dead Rising 2

April 15, 2012 at 09:45 (360, Games)

Last weekend I finally got round to playing Dead Rising 2. Easter seemed like an appropriate time to start playing a zombie game and funnily enough it was the previous Easter when I played Case Zero. The first Dead Rising was one of the reasons I wanted and Xbox 360. The game was initially a huge disappointment, incredibly frustrating and difficult. I grew to love it and the 2nd game appears to be more of the same. It seems easier and having 3 save points really helps although sometimes I think it might be easier just to start over rather than returning to a previous save (starting over is actually part of the game, you retain your character process but the story starts again). As always with me it’s the small things that are really irritating. Not being able to check your watch whilst moving, not knowing if survivors are with you before going through a door, the huge loading times between areas, switching to something useless when a weapon brakes and not having voice acting for messages. In a game like Zelda I really don’t mind a lack of voice acting, if there is lots of text it’s easier to read. In Dead Rising you get messages at awkward busy moments when you can’ stop and read the screen, it’s a huge mistake not being able to listen to these as they come in. The psychopaths are a complete pain and I wish the story ones were easier so you could defeat them at lower levels but I’m still really loving the game.


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