You’re Not The Boss Of Me Now

April 29, 2012 at 17:46 (360, Games)

I may have mentioned how much I hate video game bosses before. I really wish game designers would start to think of some smarter ways to climax their levels and games than the lazy attempts at pointlessly introducing an artificial difficulty spike to drag out the experience. I’m sure there have been some good bosses, those you can carefully exploit with your latest piece of equipment (Zelda), but I’m really struggling to think of any enjoyable ones. Usually when a boss battle is over it’s not a sense of accomplishment but relief that you can move on to the next part of the game or a new game entirely.

I’m playing Dead Rising 2 and probably would have completed it last night if the game didn’t have a ridiculous “final” encounter. I was ready to finish my play session when I stumbled across what I assumed would be the end of the game so I carried on playing. Over an hour later I was still playing and now extremely annoyed and tired. I’m not the greatest gamer but this particular boss fight (and many others in other games) are just unfair. I “cheated” and looked up what technique to use to beat the fight, there is no way I (or any sane person) was going to be able to find out a method that worked through trial and error. Does anybody think that repeatedly dying because one hit knocks out a third of your energy is a fun way to play. In Dead Rising 2 it’s even worse because you are just fighting a man and his fists – how can he do more damage than the thousands of zombies attempting to eat you or the magazines of ammo emptied in to your body from soldiers earlier in the game. And so you try again, die, load, load, return to the scene, fight, die, die, die. When I finally did defeat the guy it felt more like chance than anything else but the important thing at no point was it ever any fun.


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