Film Spotting

May 20, 2012 at 22:10 (Film)

I watch lots of films, in fact, it’s probably that thing I do. Recently I’ve realised that I don’t really distinguish genres and that I’ll pretty much watch anything. Last weekend I watched an Adam Sandler children’s film (Bedtime Stories), some Ken Loach (Riff-Raff), Lebanese drama (Caramel) and David Lynch (Mulholland Driver) and I think this is great. This Wednesday I’m trying to decide if I should see a classic screening of Sunset Boulevard or the one night only cinema screening of Nazis On The Moon, Iron Sky – two very different films which and I want to see them both equally. In the past I have has some genre bias, I’ve always neglected horror but would seek out those critically acclaimed films although I perhaps never thought of things such as Alien and The Exorcist as horror. I’ve never really got on with Westerns but Once Upon A Time In American and The Searchers are both amazing.

Do genres help us pick out a type of film to see (or avoid) or limit our experiences to a certain type of work? A good film is a good film, does it matter what it’s about?


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