June 2, 2012 at 15:32 (Misc, TV)

So I’m about a week later than I planned to share some thoughts on the television BAFTAs but here we go anyway.

Appropriate Adult was the big winner and probably rightly so, I can’t comment because I still haven’t seen it yet but fortunately ITV3 repeated it this week so I’ll be catching up soon (it’s also available on lovefilm instant where I have been meaning to watch it for some time). [Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress]

I was surprised Stephen Rea didn’t win Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Shadow Line, I had problems with the series but he was amazing. Andrew Scott as Moriarty was entertaining but not amazingly so and, no offence, Martin Freeman is Martin Freeman as Watson.

I’m a fairly recent convert to Dara O’Briain mainly because I never watch Mock The Week and he’s now popping up all over the place. He was a great host and it’s a shame he didn’t win Entertainment Performance as well (although maybe Mock The Week isn’t the best display of his talent).

Jennifer Saunders seemed like a strange choice for Female Comedy Performance, apart from The Killing bits the recent Absolutely Fabulous were quite weak. Olivia Coleman is probably used to being overlooked by now but she was fantastic in Twenty Twelve.

Good to see The Fades winning best drama, it probably was the best out of the nominees, shame it’s already been cancelled.

The BAFTAs were the first time I’d heard of Random, what is it? Should I be checking it out? Interesting to see Shameless in the Continuing Drama with the soaps.

The international category was the strongest and I think it was right for Borgen to win. Looking back at the second series of The Killing, especially comparing it to Borgen and The Bridge, it was a bit meh really. The Slap was another  fantastic piece of work and it was nice to see it recognised here and reminded me to check out the book. I’ve still never seen Modern Family, presumably that’s available on DVD now (ffs only available to buy – do you not want us to see your shows!)

And finally to the controversial sitcom category. Firstly I’m still struggling to classify Fresh Meat as a sitcom but perhaps it is. Lots of people were annoyed that Mrs Browns Boys won which I can understand as I still stand by my statement of the 10 minutes I saw being the most awful thing I’d ever seen on television. I’m now tempted to give it another go, I’m sure it’s not going to be for me but is it really as awful as the segment I saw which I’m fairly sure is the only thing I’ve ever switched off because I couldn’t stand to see any more. At the time I questioned how it even got onto BBC1, now I’m wondering why it is so popular with the general public (idiots?) but the BAFTA judges?


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