Grown Up Gamer

June 9, 2012 at 18:50 (Games)

In my Twitter bio I describe myself as a grown up gamer, I wasn’t really sure what that meant but it sounded like it could be a good description and was a better fit than the usual meaningless hardcore or casual tags. I like games but I probably spend more time reading about them than I do playing them. It mostly comes down to not having enough time but as someone who has grown up with games I do find the majority of the industry incredibly boring. I was recently at my parents and in my childhood bedroom there were some copies of Edge, they must have been at least 10 years old but, ignoring the obvious graphical improvements,  it could easily be from today; shooting, driving, running, shooting, driving etc.

I was looking forward to E3 and in particular in WiiU, Nintendo’s approach is far more interesting to me than anything else. I don’t want better graphics, I want innovation and engaging games. I want games I can quickly play without having to sign in, insert a disc, download update, load progress.  As it turned out I didn’t get to see much of E3 although I have plenty of things bookmarked to catch up with. I watched Nintendo’s pre-conference video and was suitably impressed. I started watching the Microsoft presentation but the footage of Halo 4 bored me senseless, the only interesting thing was reminding me that I never finished any of the post Metroid Prime games. The news later in the week that the games was going to be episodic was far more interesting than any of the gameplay I saw.

I’ve liked the sound of WiiU from the beginning and I hope it succeeds but I think that will depend on how it is implemented in games. I saw the video for ZombieU today and that looks like a great starting point and I’m sure Nintendo will come up some great uses.  I suspect that somebody else will be inspired by WiiU and implement a better solution, perhaps Smart Glass but I’m already surprised Apple haven’t beaten Nintendo and Microsoft to do something great with a second screen.

So as the majority of gamers are complaining about a lack of next gen I’m quite looking forward to what WiiU will bring and inspire.


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