Extra Time

July 1, 2012 at 08:21 (Misc)

I don’t like sport, I never have and I can’t really see that ever changing. I don’t mind sport on TV though because it fills in chunks of the schedule meaning there is less regular television and gives me chance to catch up, watch films or play games. But I do have a problem with sport on TV as this tweet from 3 years ago shows…

If sport (or anything else) overruns it should move to the different channel, it’s less change and nobody records sport do they?

(I really wish there was a way to search Twitter so I could properly embed that Tweet – I only knew about it because of the excellent MemoLane)

I hate sport messing up TV schedules. I hate it when it overruns and pushes the rest of the schedule out. I hate programmes being scheduled and then having to moved to another time, channel or day or not shown at all. Sometimes it takes me minutes to program my PVR to record everything I want, having to make use of +1 channels and repeats later in the day or week. As soon as something overruns everything falls apart. My PVR is supposed to be smart enough to handle this but broadcasters never seem to support this fully and it doesn’t seem intelligent enough (or possible) to handle the impact a delay has on other channels.

Now I’m not expecting coverage just to stop on time but I just wish the potential of extra time was accommodated. To me it seems that no snooker or tennis match ever finishes on time so just allow time in the schedule. If it finishes you could have more punditry, highlights, previews, viewer interaction. If the time can’t be filled then add an extra unscheduled programme as a special treat.

Of course now that the digital switchover is nearly complete I’d like to see sport moved to it’s own channel. Or at least the time after a game is supposed to end kept free on a red button style channel. When something overruns, everybody watching can switch over and the schedules continue as normal. If for some reason you want to record a game you just set it to record the extra coverage as well. Everybody is a winner (apart from some losers in the game, I presume).

This will never happen because broadcasters are too obsessed with viewer figures for channels and think people won’t watch things if they are not on BBC1 or ITV1. It’s 2012, the channel doesn’t matter, people will find the good content where they want. If the BBC are happy moving Blue Peter to CBBC channel then they shouldn’t have any issues with moving sport to the red button.

I know it’s not just sport but it is mostly sport (and mainly tennis and snooker which infuriating for a non-sport lover have no time limits). Live coverage of breaking news could have the same problem but again the only reason this shouldn’t be moved to another channel is to allow people to find out something important is happening (or if it would be insensitive to show the scheduled programming  in light of the news). At least the news is important and has a genuine impact on lives, you may think differently but sport really isn’t that important.


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