November 4, 2012 at 11:18 (Games)

I’d nearly finished writing a post about the ridiculous situation where all the big games are released at this time of year. My somewhat frantic touch pad picked up some rogue movement and clicked outside the textbox I was editing just as I hit backspace. Chrome correctly interpreted this as a back button action and navigated away from the WordPress quick edit screen. To my surprise WordPress hadn’t saved everything I had entered so far, is it wrong that I just expect this now. In my new job I’m struggling with the switch to mainly using desktop apps again instead of web ones. Every desktop app seems bloated and difficult to use, I keep going to Chrome rather than Outlook to check my email.

Anyway the points I was going to make were mostly:

  • Dishonoured looked quite interesting
  • Resident Evil 6 should have been 3 separate smaller games
  • Tempted by Assassins Creed III because The Guardian made a reference to Malick in their review
  • Each subsequent game release makes it harder for the previous one to get attention
  • Adult gamers don’t only buy games at Christmas
  • I’m getting a WiiU and all my game time for the rest of the year will be consumed that way
  • Do I enjoy Rockstar games because they are released in the summer and have time to breathe?

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