LIFF26 (part 2)

November 19, 2012 at 18:48 (Film) ()

Day 4 was a bit quieter, I only had tickets for two films but managed to squeeze in Charles Bradley: Soul of America in between Robot & Frank and The Shining. I’d never heard of Charles Bradley but he has quite a story, unfortunately there was nothing special about the documentary. Robot & Frank was wonderfully charming and went on to be many people’s favourite film of the festival, I liked it but not as much as other films in the festival. I’ve seen The Shining before but I don’t know how long ago and didn’t have a pre-formed opinion. This was the extended cut and perhaps that’s why it did seem to drag in places,again I’d say it was good but not the masterpiece many claim. My main reason for seeing The Shining (apart from not wasting any opportunity to see older films at the cinema) was in preparation for the new documentary Room 237 showing two night later. Room 237 explores some of the crazy theories surrounding The Shining and is really well put together, unfortunately it seems to lose it’s focus or the theories just get to bizarre about three quarters of the way through. I also would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t read the Empire article last month which regurgitates most of the film.

I finished off Tuesday night with a change of venue and headed up to Hyde Park Picture House to watch Paris, Texas again a film I’ve seen before and remembered liking a lot but couldn’t remember why. It may be something to do with the band Travis being named after the character or just Dean Stockwell’s presence, it’s still a great film. I’d also been at the Picture House on Monday night to see Black Brush and Heretic and this was the least interesting day of the festival. I think I should have liked Black Brush but was just too tired to appreciate it in any way. Heretic handled it’s predictable ending well but it was quite a tough time getting there so I gave it a generous 3 stars, perhaps because it was obvious how much hard work the local film-makers had invested in the film.



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