LIFF26 (part 3)

November 20, 2012 at 20:24 (Film)

On Wednesday night there was another locally made horror film in the form of Before Dawn. It’s unfair to call it a horror film as the idea behind it was to see what would happen if there was a zombie breakout in the middle of a real life drama. The film mostly works but was lacking a certain something which I just can’t place. Similarly Stormland, which I saw earlier in the evening seemed like a good idea and was nicely done in places but didn’t work as a whole.

On Thursday I saw Now Forager and AlpsI liked Now Forager but looking back now it’s hard to remember why, it’s just a nice little American indie film. Alps was a disappointment, it felt like it was trying too hard and somehow didn’t make sense whereas the director’s previous film, Dogtooth, actually made sense in it’s own twisted little setup.

Friday night contained the double bill I was most looking forward to: Seven Psychopaths and Sightseers. Both were great fun and brilliantly dark comedies but I thought Sightseers was the better of the two films. The only thing I didn’t like about Sightseers was the most of the best bits had been given away in the trailer which is a terrible shame, I wish we only had director approved trailers for films. Funnily enough I was looking forward to seeing Seven Psychopaths until I saw the trailer which really doesn’t do the film justice. Finally, I made a late night stop at Hyde Park Picture House to see Beyond The Black Rainbow, not necessarily to my taste but it was a nice weird way to end the night.


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