LIFF26 (part 4)

November 21, 2012 at 18:18 (Film) ()

Speaking of trailers one was shown for The Hunt before Seven Psychopaths, I closed my eyes because I couldn’t remember what the film was about and didn’t want to know now. The biggest delight of the film festival has been seeing films with very little knowledge of the plot and the festival may have changed my view on trailers. Having said that I think I did make a lot of my festival selections based on the trailers shown at the launch event during Light Night so who knows. The Hunt didn’t disappoint and deserved to win the Audience Award. I couldn’t help but wonder how different a film it would have been if an element of doubt had been introduced earlier in the story.

The earlier part of Saturday was taken up by a selection of Yorkshire and British shorts (and a rare trip home to eat food between films). The shorts didn’t seem as good as they had been in previous years but there were still some real delights in the selection including one of my highlights of the festival, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (view on Youtube), which went on to win the British award. I saw another two sessions of World Animation Shorts on Monday and Tuesday and various shorts at the Leaf Label Night on Thursday, perhaps I’ll write another post about them all.

I had an easy day on Sunday and another enjoyable one. The programme text for Grabbers mentioned Tremors which was enough for me to take interest, and it was a really enjoyable B-movie. It seemed rude not to stay for Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal even if I was just staying for the title. I was expecting another trashy B-movie but it was actually really quite sophisticated and much better than I had anticipated.


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