TV 2012

January 6, 2013 at 23:10 (TV)

I’m still making my way through Misfits, Fresh Meat, Him & HerI haven’t watched any of The Fear yet and still have the final episode of The Hour waiting for me. I was going to give up on Full English but just watched episode 2 and thought perhaps it had some potential to be funnier than episode 1.

I gave up watching Hunted more due to my lack of time but I’d also lost track of what was happening; one thing I do plan on doing in 2013 is focussing more on what I am watching and not get distracted by my second (not to mention, third and fourth) screens. Scandal wasn’t for me, the over bearing music really put me off and it seemed to be too soapy for my liking, I assumed I had better things to do with my time and gave up after a handful of episodes. Funnily enough I didn’t feel the same about the similarly soapy Revenge which I continued to enjoy throughout. Lillyhammer and Person  Of Interest were both big disappointments but I stuck with them with the hope they’d get better.

I really don’t know why I like 2 Broke Girls, it’s really quite terrible but I do find myself enjoying it. How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory both continued to be better than most other US sitcoms. For a change it’s the recent UK sitcoms which have really impressed Hebburn, Grandma’s House, Cuckoo, Friday Night Dinner, Him & Her and those last three contained some of the funniest laugh out loud moments.

I haven’t heard other people say much about Suburgatory or Wilfred which is a great shame as they are both great. I really enjoyed White Heat and was surprised to see it turning up in peoples “bad” lists for 2012. The best US dramas continued to be The Good Wife and The Closer and it feels strange that we had both seasons of Homeland in the UK this year. I really enjoyed both seasons even if they were quite different.

My adoration of Steven Moffat continues with the best television writing appearing in Sherlock and Doctor Who. Of the BBC4 Saturday night imports Borgen was easily the best, followed by The Bridge (although the finale was terrible) and The Killing. In fact I was all ready to declare Borgen my television highlight of the year when I realised there was one other programme I watched and consistently enjoyed more in 2012 than anything else . I knew little about it when I started watching but was quickly drawn in and hooked. It has one of the best partnerships in television, it’s funny, educational, tense and emotional and I’ve yet to tire of it, despite it being on nearly every day (even if I can’t watch it every day). Yes, that’s right, I’m seriously saying Pointless is the best television programme of 2012.



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