Want want want.

January 13, 2013 at 21:20 (Misc)

I’ve been wanting something like Amazon’s Auto Rip for years but I want it for Books more than music. Actually I don’t know the details of how Auto Rip works but I want digital copies of everything I’ve bought. I thought the reason this didn’t happen was something to do with second hand sales but maybe it doesn’t matter if I sell on my copy and continue to use the digital version. For some reason I want to own physical copies of things but it’s much easier consuming the digital version. So when we buy things we should be buying the licence and optionally getting the physical copy for the normal price. Ideally I don’t want this to be tied to one retailer or operating system or device. Buy once from anywhere, play it anywhere.

I want iPlayer to be portable and by this I mean I should be able to login to my iPlayer account on any and manage a list of things I want to watch. I understand there are technical and licencing issues why I can’t watch everything on all devices but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to maintain a watch list.

Finally YouTube if I can watch videos in my Watch Later list on Android or WiiU then I also need to be able to remove the video from the list, ideally automatically when I’ve finished playing it.


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