What The Frak

February 17, 2013 at 10:26 (TV)

I’ve finally completed one of my goals from 2012 and finished watching the Battlestar Galactica boxset (minus the extras). The series is every bit as good as I had been lead to believe and whilst there were occasional dips it’s up there as one of the greatest television series. I have one issue though and that’s with the F-word. In the beginning I remember it was used well, sparingly, perhaps. I assumed it was a great way to get by television standards and was shocked to find it was created for the original series. However in the later series it’s over used beyond the point of parody. Yes civilisation may be destroyed (spoiler!) and there is no hope but it was unrealistic to have something like presidential speeches full of expletives. It’s a real shame and it’s overuse really took me out of the moment a lot of the times. If you were allowed to use the real F word, no writer would have all the characters use it so frequently, just because you can write it and say it doesn’t mean you should.

Anyway, Caprica is on LoveFilm Instant so it’s not over yet.


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