New Super Mario Bros. U

March 24, 2013 at 19:42 (WiiU)

I was looking forward to playing New Super Mario Bros on the Wii U but when I started it didn’t really pull me in. I wanted to like it but it was more frustrating than enjoyable, a few weeks ago I felt like I’d had enough and thought I’d never play it again. I gave the game one more chance and everything clicked into place and I started having fun. At my low point I tweeted it was ironic that the games biggest flaws were using old fashioned techniques such as lives. My main cause of annoyance was failing and been made to replay full levels that I’d previously completed. I’ve said it before but there really should be no need to make a player repeat something they’ve already completed – we don’t have time for that crap.

Once I realised that lives were important it did alter how I played and I started making progress and having fun. However it struck me that for a game that is praised as perfecting it’s 25 year old format there are some serious flaws. The game is hard, really hard in places and that’s okay but one of the problems is it get’s harder when you fail. As a suited up Super Mario you make a mistake and are thrown back to the start as regular Mario making everything harder. Bosses, I hate bosses and the Mario ones are no exception. The bosses in Mario are always dispatched off with three bounces of the head but finding out when to attack of spot the pattern is often a case of trail and error. Trail, error and then repeating the lead up to the boss again – not fun. Another small annoyance is running up the staircase to fight the boss every time, it may only take 15 seconds but it’s another annoyance when you have to do it over and over (and over).  Oddly enough when you complete the game you get the option to save at any point, I really don’t understand why this was present from the start.

I shouldn’t moan so much because ultimately I had a good time but I was dangerously close to giving up and never touching the game again.


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