Pity The Fool

April 2, 2013 at 17:07 (Goals, Misc)

I managed to get through most of my March list time to move on to April:

  • Empire
  • Edge
  • LoveFilm 4 Films
    • Brave
    • Cockneys Vs Zombies
    • Potiche
    • Jeff Who Lives At Home
  • Read Cloud Atlas
  • Lego City Undercover
    • Complete Story
    • Some Extras
      • 20%
      • 30%
      • 40%
      • 50%
  • Hang Poster
  • Clear Pocket Unread list
    • <150
    • <100
    • <50
  • Finish Waking Mars
  • Tidy Kitchen Cupboard
  • ITunes and Google Music

I’m not going to add a boxset this month even though I want to watch House Of Cards and Deadwood, I think it will be enough trying to read a real book and play a full game, not to mention clearing some space from the PVR.


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  1. April Update | The Blog With No Name (Yet) said,

    […] be accountable to something. As I approach the end of April I thought I’d have a look back at those goals and see how I’ve done. There are a few days left and I often round a month up to the […]

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