April Update

April 28, 2013 at 22:38 (Goals, Misc)

One of the ideas behind blogging goals for each month was to be accountable to something. As I approach the end of April I thought I’d have a look back at those goals and see how I’ve done. There are a few days left and I often round a month up to the following weekend but I’ve mostly done okay.

I started, finished and loved reading Cloud Atlas, it’s made me want to read real novels again. I’ve also read this months Empire and nearly finished Edge. I got my money’s worth from LoveFilm by watching 4 films although Brave was an extra one I squeezed in last month. There are lots of great films on Instant at the moment but I think I’m going to take a 90 day holiday to switch to Netflix and give myself chance to watch some other things.

I’ve finished the story in Lego City Undercover, a fun game and perhaps even more enjoyable now I’m just finding things to do. A few more hours play yesterday took me up to 40% complete, I arbitrary decided to try and get to 50% this month which won’t happen now but I should hold off buying another game (Bioshock Infinite or Tomb Raider) until I do.

The poster isn’t hung. It may never be. It almost seems more in character for it to be propped up against the wall, fully framed. I was going to do it but we had no nails and I never made it to the shop.

I’ve made a good attempt at clearing down my Pocket list which was approaching 200 items at the start on the month. It’s back down to below 100 which is where I want to keep it. I’ll continue making my way through the videos which have been clogging it up for months now.

I tried playing Waking Mars but couldn’t get back into it, perhaps I left it too long between starting and continuing or maybe it’s not for me. I doubt I’ll try it again and will move on to something else.

I left it until today but I cleared out my kitchen cupboard and it feels a lot better now. Earlier in the month I copied all the music files I’d ripped to an external drive back to my laptop so I can use Google Music in the cloud – it’s an amazing service and it feels good to know I can stream my entire music library wherever I am.

So I’ve done most of what I set out to do even if that wasn’t a lot. I also attended Bradford International Film Festival where I saw nine films and two programmes of Tom and Jerry shorts meaning I’ve logged 47 films on Letterboxd. I also discovered the trakt.tv site containing all the TV date I’ve been logging with the Series Guide Android app which says I’ve checked in  1 day, 5 hours, 5 minutes of television including most of Spiral and Broadchurch plus the return of Doctor Who.

It’s May on Wednesday and I may even make a start on some of my May goals; I’m thinking of watching Arrested Development before the new episodes as well as House Of Cards on Netflix. Should I start reading The Walking Dead? Or buy Bioshock Infinite which I’m annoyed to have missed at £25 twice now. I really should aim higher and do something more than read, watch and play but what else is there?


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