The End?

May 19, 2013 at 20:42 (Misc)

As I stated last week trying to post to this blog every week is becoming harder and harder. It’s not that I don’t have things to say but I’m struggling to find time, mainly because I’m (not) doing other things.  I’m trying to clear down some of the many things I’ve recorded, read some books, watch some DVDs and play some games and all the time thinking I’m supposed to be doing something much more important.

My other projects have also ground to a halt. Music Shoebox isn’t as interesting as I had hoped mostly down to some fairly boring music selections I made 10 years ago. I’ll try and continue, I do like the idea and hopefully something more interesting will turn up further down the line. At the moment it’s just a last minute rush at the end of each month to listen, rip, tag and write about 10 year old music.

The Numbers photo project was always going to get harder and I’ve been struggling with the post 50 numbers. The gap between each photo is getting bigger and bigger. I’m currently on 72 and have been for three weeks which is odd because I could get the number 73 bus to work and see it most days, just never at a right time to grab a photo. The endless nature of this project and no time constraints means this project can just continue and so it will.


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