January TV

February 5, 2015 at 23:21 (TV)

In the first of what I’m optimistically going to call a monthly series here’s what TV I was watching in January 2015.

The Legacy

This started on Sky Arts (via NowTV) before Christmas and is still ongoing not that you’d know because the obscure channel means nobody is talking about it (if anybody else is watching it). It’s a Danish drama but one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable is that it’s also incredibly funny, most episodes appear to have a laugh out loud almost slap stick moment (are you really going to put your mothers’ ashes on that high shelf?). It’s engaging because the characters feel so genuine, especially when they’re not always that likeable.


Speaking of unlikeable characters pretty much everybody in Transparent is horrible, selfish and egotistic and yet feel so genuine that they feel like family. I caught up with Transparent when Amazon made it available to watch for 24 hours and I sailed through all 10 episodes with ease, I can’t remember the last time something felt so watchable.


Catastrophe looks likely to be one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made. As The Guardian pointed out it’s “as beautifully rommy as it is swaggeringly commy”. Both sweet and crude the most important thing is that it is frequently incredibly laugh out loud funny.

Wolf Hall

All kinds of classy. This is the kind of thing that I often feel I should be enjoying or appreciating more than I actually am but that wasn’t the case here as I remained engaged throughout.


The world doesn’t need another person complaining about “the difficult second series of Broadchurch” but the thing is the first season probably wasn’t that great, it just grew to be an engaging mystery. Season 2 of Broadchurch isn’t bad but it is all over the place and without any real sense of what it wants to be doing.

Honourable Mentions: The Wrong Men, Marry Me, Weekly Wipe, Wentworth S2, Spiral S5


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