February TV

March 4, 2015 at 18:25 (TV)

Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall continued it’s greatness (I still have the final episode to watch) but also got harder to watch than I initially thought. When sitting down to watch the 3rd episode I was shocked to find it was only the third episode, surely there must have been more episodes. Each episode feels like a two hour film but was never hard work.

Indian Summer

Unlike Wolf Hall, this just flew by. I was worried that the first episode was 90 minutes but it passed in no time and hooked me. I’ve only just watched the second episode and it didn’t seem as engaging but happy to stick with this for the next few months.


Catastrophe didn’t disappoint. I think part of the reason it worked it was because it was written by a man and a woman.


I’m not getting this, it seems incredibly dull with not a lot happening. Hoping things will get better in episode 4.

Count Arthur Strong

It took me a while to warm to the first series but the 2nd outing had me from the start. Funny, charming and really quite brilliant.

The Good Wife

The best show on TV returns and I’ve still only watched the first episode but it was absolutely fantastic.


Finally finished season 2 and still think it’s the best prison based TV show.

Good To Have Back: Last Week Tonight, Sceenwipe, House Of Fools,
Didn’t Start: Better Call Saul, House Of Cards, Banana, Cucumber, The Casual Vacancy



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