March TV

April 7, 2015 at 12:10 (TV)

March felt like a month of catching up but also an introduction to the wonderful world of Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul

At times I thought I might end up liking this more than Breaking Bad. There is just something wonderful about the character Jimmy McGill whether that’s his past as Slippin’ Jimmy or future as Saul Goodman there’s an eternal optimism trying to fight through the everyday sadness that just gets me every time. The series goes from good to great once we get Mike’s flashback and the later episodes in the series excel.

Cucumber & Banana

I haven’t finished with these yet and have just reached episode 6 which is the one everyone started talking about but both series were great from the start. Unfortunately once I knew the vague details of the shock in Cucumber I knew how it would arrive. Brilliant writing and performances not to mention the way the two shows compliment each other make this another highlight of the televisual year.


Another big period drama from the BBC and this is a lot more engaging than Poldark or C4’s Indian Summers both of which I’ve cooled down on after promising starts.

Mad Men

I finally caught up with the first part of the final series before the new episodes start this week and continued to love it. It’s amazing to think how much time has passed in the series and how much all of the characters have changed over the years. The ending was just brilliant, I bet there are people out there who didn’t like it.

Continuing (still watching, or watched, and enjoying)

The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, House Of Fools, Uncle, Last Week Tonight, The Daily Show, Togetherness

Continuing (but don’t know why)

Fortitude – I’m convinced there’s a good 6 hour series somewhere in here but over 10+ hours it’s largely boring and trying to be at least two different shows.



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