Alien Isolation

May 31, 2015 at 22:38 (360, Games)

I’ve been meaning to write something about Alien Isolation for the last few months when I finished playing it. Putting aside Nintendo I think it was the only game released in 2014 that I had any interest in but when it came out it didn’t feel like the reviews were that good and I was busy at Leeds International Film Festival. I finally started playing it earlier this year and I mostly enjoyed it. The Xbox 360 version is full of many bugs, most notably a display issue that meant part of background for on screen text was persistently displayed on screen which did ruin the atmosphere. The game often crashed on the loading screen and there were many graphical glitches.

The game is at it’s best when your alone in an area with the alien. Unfortunately the gaps between such scenarios seem to grow further and further apart. Worse than that there are annoying humans and more annoying androids that just get in the way and just make this like most other games. The developers perfected the “Alien” part of the title but failed on the “Isolation” part.

Like most games it’s also too long. Things are dragged out along long corridors far too often and those humanoid encounters are just a pain. Save points are often before a long boring corridor with an opportunity to die at the end, this kind of crap shouldn’t be happening in games, especially ones where death by alien is down to chance (or sophisticated Xenomorphic AI programming). Still I put up with all the problems to see the story through the end. If the story had been shorted I’d have been tempted to spend more time with the challenge part of the game but this option has remained untouched.


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