June TV

July 5, 2015 at 17:26 (TV) (, , )

The Jinx

I knew I should have watched the final episode before rounding up May. The whole series was wonderful but that last episode was something else, phenomenally good TV.

No Offence

I never managed to get stuck into this, I found that it offered nothing new or anything to keep me interested. It’s a shame because I stuck with and the final episode appeared to be really good, sadly it didn’t mean much to me because I’d long lost interest in the story and characters.

The Goldbergs

E4 bought The Goldbergs and then quickly dumped the first two series as quickly as it could in a less than prime slot. I only watch because I listen to Jeff Garlin’s podcast and he’s particularly good as the father. I’m only about 6 episodes in but so far finding the whole thing really quite charming, it’s hard not to think of The Wonder Years even though both shows are quite different.


More great television from Denmark and further proof that DR1 is up there with HBO for producing high quality dramatic television.

The Affair

Two British actors leading an American show and picking up lots of award nominations last year in the States. I didn’t know the split perspective was coming and initially it’s quite striking but later on it doesn’t work quite as well and often raises more questions about how things are structured. Things unravel in an engaging way and it’s surprising that this far in we don’t even know what it is that’s getting investigated.

Jane The Virgin

Fairly low expectations and something I wondered if I really had the time to commit to, my doubts appeared to be correct for most of the first episode but by the end it had won me over. High quality trashy soap which I mean as a compliment.

The Game

More solid high quality drama from the BBC.

Agents Of SHIELD

SHIELD is up and down but got good again by the end of season 2.



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