October TV

November 5, 2015 at 13:03 (TV) ()



I took a day of work to try and watch Season 3 but the first episode was so intense I couldn’t carry on. The rest of the season perhaps wasn’t as great as earlier episodes but it still remains one of the greatest unwatched series out there. The final episodes ramped things up into a more than satisfying conclusion and plenty of scope for season 4.  I’m no scholar of the Bard but the whole thing feels so Shakesperian, I’d love to see a stage version.


Finally made it to the end and I don’t think it ever let up in terms of quality. With this and The Martian, Drew Goddard is definitely one to watch.

Orphan Black

I think I lost interest in this somewhere in season 2 but if this is the final season it made sense to see it through. I didn’t regret watching it but I’m also not bothered that there may be no.


Enjoyable concept but quite distracting trying to work out how much of it obviously has to be manipulated for television.


Doctor Who

Nothing amazing yet but all solid. As Clara get’s more and more to do I remember how much I wish she was the 12th Doctor.


I’ve only see the first episode and considering how annoying I find Chris Evans on Radio 2 (although I never switch over) I didn’t think this would work but it was pleasing to find it did.


  • The Returned (2 eps)
  • Homeland (4 eps)
  • The Leftovers (2 eps)

Watching and enjoying

  • The Goldbergs
  • Only Connect
  • Last Week Tonight
  • Modern Life Is Goodish
  • Inside Amy Schumer (S2)

Watching but meh

  • The Americans


  • Nashville
  • Jane The Virgin
  • New Girl
  • The Daily Show

Not started but want to

  • River
  • Fargo S2

Not started and probably won’t

  • Unforgotten
  • Empire S2
  • From Darkness



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