November TV

December 6, 2015 at 13:52 (TV) ()

Not much TV in November because I was at the 29th Leeds International Film Festival for two weeks.


The Goldbergs (S2)

I really like this and hope E4 show the 3rd season soon. The beeped out swearwords are one of the funniest things in US sitcoms especially when they come out of someone other than Beverly’s mouth.

Last Week Tonight

Their brief recap of the year really highlights what such an important show this is. I wish the clips were more readily available (outside the US) for sharing.


Perhaps not as great as the first series/season but still some really fine writing and performances.

Downton Abbey

Truly terrible television, I don’t know why the actors put up with it. I don’t even know why I stuck with it, if I knew it wasn’t ending I’d have given up. If this gets any awards it’s a severe injustice to television in general.

Doctor Who

I can see why people think this is the best Who has been but my favourite still remains the Pond era. This is good but no desire to immediately watch them again like I have felt in the past.


The Affair

Smart move how this was expanded out for the second season but it’s still annoying that’s it’s bookended by what seems like a conventional drama device.

The Walking Dead

I want to like The Walking Dead more than I do. Every episode seems good but I always find myself getting bored before it ends.

Jekyll & Hyde

I thought this would be better but it’s only really at the Robin Hood/Merlin/Atlantis ‘meh’ levels.


  • The Bridge (4 eps)
  • Toast Of London (2 eps)
  • Supergirl
  • The Leftovers
  • Homeland
  • The Big Bang Theory

(Still) Not started but want to

  • River
  • Fargo S2
  • London Spy


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