May 28, 2016 at 14:39 (Games, PS4)


Firewatch has one of the best openings of any game, it reminded me a lot of the start of Up! and it is just as emotional. Once the game started properly I had some issues getting familiar with the controls, this isn’t unusual for me but something here wasn’t quite right. It’s never a huge issue but more than once I missed a piece of conversation or selected the wrong option by pressing the wrong button. The control issues did stop me loving the game the way I thought and hoped I would from the start though. I did end up enjoying the experience though. It’s a shame there isn’t more to do or at least more time to explore, at one point a day ended when I was in the middle of something else which was both jarring and annoying. I played through in three “movie length” sessions so it probably was around 6 hours. The story is well told and has a really satisfying conclusion but at places wish there was more depth.  I’ve realised there is a problem in that I can’t really remember any of the detail (it’s a month later) but perhaps that just means I should find time to play through again.


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