The Final Countdown

August 19, 2012 at 11:27 (Photography)

Writing over at The Music Shoebox means that I haven’t blogged here for a while. I should have written something about the Olympics because despite my best intentions I did get caught up in it all.

The Opening Ceremony was amazing and by far the best thing. It started with this…

which reminded me of my other photo project which has been going for about a year now. When I finished taking a picture every day last July I wanted to carry on but it was quite hard to keep it up. Instead I thought doing a photo a week would be easier to maintain but this actually turned out to be harder, forgetting when I last took a photo, not taking my camera everywhere. I needed something to focus on and so I started counting.


and carried on


It’s worked out quite nicely, 50 or so weeks later and I’ve reached 50 so I am still doing a photo a week on average. It’s getting a lot harder now and will continue to do so but I like the fact that this could go on and on.

All 50 (and counting) photos can be found on Flickr.



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One, Two, Three, Four…

October 9, 2011 at 18:12 (Photography) ()

Sometimes I wish I’d continued my Y34 project and carried on taking a photo every day. Occasionally it was hard work but I mostly enjoyed trying to find something interesting every day and it’s that I miss. My plan was to continue to try and take as many photos as possible and find an interesting one to publish each week and I’m actually finding this much harder because I keep forgetting. Once again I’m publishing the results on flickr in my Y35 set.

My new photo project is slightly more challenging, potentially never ending  and doesn’t have a time scale. I’m taking pictures of numbers, starting at one and going up from there. In theory it should start off easy but it’s taken me a while to get up to number seven.

Numbers On Flickr


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