Dumb Phones

June 17, 2012 at 08:53 (Rant)

I don’t own a smart phone, I do have an ageing iPod Touch so I feel like I have all the important parts of the technological advances without the pesky phone parts getting in the way. I’ve never really liked phones and now more than ever they seem outdated and dumb pieces of technology, far far from “smart”. I suspect that the smart part of smart phone nearly always refers to all the non-phone part of the device.

Now it may well be that these fancy new phones are smarter than I realise but if that is the case the manufacturers are doing a terrible job of promoting the fact. I started to realise how dumb phones were and how little they’d advanced with persistent calls on my land line. Like most people these days, the land line is little used and only there as a requirement for some other service. Working from home I now know how often it rings throughout the day, I’ve stopped answering it now. Everyday for the last few weeks one number will ring, leave no message and try again the next day. Googling the number it may be British Gas, it may not. Every day the phone rings, I don’t answer and then check 1471 for the familiar number and sigh. I don’t have caller ID but as far as I know this is the only advance I could make to improve this process. Why do I have to go to all this effort. Why isn’t there a spam button on my phone? Why can’t I set it so that number never even gets the chance to ring?

Everything on my old phone seems fiddly an awkward to use. Changing profiles at different times of day, setting different ring tones for different people. Can I set it so I don’t receive calls from groups of people and specific times? In this day and age I should be able to, perhaps I can. Are there any phones that can automatically record calls, how about transcribe them? Can my voice mail messages not be emailed to me so I don’t have to go through the¬†rigmarole of menu systems just to hear some idiot asking me to ring them back or that they’ve send me an email – here’s a thought why don’t you just text me your number ¬†so I don’t have to listen to your message three times to get your number. In fact why can’t we have we have a menu system: press 1 to register you have called, press 2 to request a call back, press 3 to leave an inane message, press 4 to leave a useful message.


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