October TV

November 5, 2016 at 16:20 (TV) (, , , )

Just noticed this didn’t get posted last month. Here’ what I watched in October:

  • Taskmaster
  • Fleabag
  • National Treasure
  • Last Week Tonight
  • Full Frontal
  • Go 8 Bit
  • Divorce (1-3)
  • Luke Cage (1-8)
  • Westworld (1-3)
  • The Night Of (S1)
  • Only Connect
  • Victoria
  • Park and Recreation (S6)
  • Inside Amy Schumer (S4 1-6)
  • Cold Feet (s6)
  • The Fall (s3)
  • Morgana Robinson’s The Agency
  • Josh S2 (1-4)
  • Newzoids (S2)
  • Red Dwarf (s11)
  • Drifters (S4 1-3)
  • Poldark S2 (1-8)
  • One Of Us
  • Hunted (S2)
  • New Girl (S5)

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June TV

July 5, 2015 at 17:26 (TV) (, , )

The Jinx

I knew I should have watched the final episode before rounding up May. The whole series was wonderful but that last episode was something else, phenomenally good TV.

No Offence

I never managed to get stuck into this, I found that it offered nothing new or anything to keep me interested. It’s a shame because I stuck with and the final episode appeared to be really good, sadly it didn’t mean much to me because I’d long lost interest in the story and characters.

The Goldbergs

E4 bought The Goldbergs and then quickly dumped the first two series as quickly as it could in a less than prime slot. I only watch because I listen to Jeff Garlin’s podcast and he’s particularly good as the father. I’m only about 6 episodes in but so far finding the whole thing really quite charming, it’s hard not to think of The Wonder Years even though both shows are quite different.


More great television from Denmark and further proof that DR1 is up there with HBO for producing high quality dramatic television.

The Affair

Two British actors leading an American show and picking up lots of award nominations last year in the States. I didn’t know the split perspective was coming and initially it’s quite striking but later on it doesn’t work quite as well and often raises more questions about how things are structured. Things unravel in an engaging way and it’s surprising that this far in we don’t even know what it is that’s getting investigated.

Jane The Virgin

Fairly low expectations and something I wondered if I really had the time to commit to, my doubts appeared to be correct for most of the first episode but by the end it had won me over. High quality trashy soap which I mean as a compliment.

The Game

More solid high quality drama from the BBC.

Agents Of SHIELD

SHIELD is up and down but got good again by the end of season 2.


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April TV

May 3, 2015 at 08:05 (TV) (, )

Mad Men

I’m glad I could go straight into the second part of the final series, I imagine it must have been a long wait as week to week currently feels like a drag. Can’t wait to see how everything ends.


I’ve mentioned Banished every month and the ending did not disappoint and a second series would be welcomed. Definitely one of the year’s highlights.


The final episode felt unnecessary and has messed up a second series, would’ve preferred things to have ended at the party in the previous episode.

House Of Cards

i raced through the third series and loved it, I’m hoping most of it was just a set up to really tell Claire’s story in series 4 but even by the level of preposterous events so far that may be taking things too far.


I tried Critical (for four episodes?) but gave up, I’d have stuck with it for 6 hours but couldn’t face 13 when nothing had happened. Focussing on the procedure rather than the characters was a novel idea but it just couldn’t keep me interested.

Inside Number 9

Just as good as the first series.

Lip Sync Battle

I really shouldn’t like this but think it is brilliant despite the poor presenting by LL Cool J and the completey  unnecessary presence of Chrissy Teigen. So far I think it’s been down to the guests and the fact they are already friends, so it’ll be interesting to see how long it can keep going.

The Good Wife

Still the best show on TV and completely unexplainable why it’s taking me so long to get through.


Good idea, hopefully will get better as the writers and performers find their feet.

I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse

Another good idea, I’m surprised nobody has tried to make a live video game before. Like most video games it quickly got repetitive and could’ve done with being a lot shorter.

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